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Focus on the Customer, Not the Money

Customer Service Is More than Just Being Nice

Customer Service Is Simple, But It Is Not Always Easy

Customer Service Lesson: Helping vs. Selling

2013 ITA Achievement Award Laureate

Don’t Scream!

How to Follow Up with Potential Clients – Give Benefits to Earn Business

Have A Leg Up On Change

Do You Thank Your Prospects for Their Time? Are You Making This Mistake?

A Credibility-Building Tactic That Sales Teams Often Overlook in Their Sales Presentations

Want to Make an Impact With Your Speech? Customize

Connect to Your High Stakes Audience in 8 Minutes: Emotionally and Intellectually

Developing Good Original Content for Your Presentation – What Do I Talk About?

Communicating Likability

How to Turn Adversity into Possibility

Presentations Are Better When They Sound Conversational – Avoid “Corpspeak”

Get Your Point Heard: 5 Tips That Add Value to Your Words

7 Ways to Be Memorable at Networking Events

Do You Want to Be a Speaker and Author?

Be Remembered For Saying and Writing It Better

The Phrase That Pays: 3 Ways to Make Your Point Stick

Want to Make Your Message Memorable? 8 Tips That Add Value to Your Words

Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget (Canada)

What Do Yoga and Public Speaking Have in Common?

A Passionate Presentation

Indentify Your Unique Talents: What Are Your Mad Skills?

Drive to Completion: Going from Intentions to Results

Doing Leadership: A Series

Work First On Yourself

Always Reach Higher

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