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The Power of Asking Questions

Don’t Underestimate The Power of A Good Story

Conquer Your Jitters Around Public Speaking

Keep Sales Conversations Focused on Your Prospects

Do You Know, Like and Trust Your Customers?

Amazing Customer Service Story: The Human Bench

Some Customers Aren’t Worth Doing Business With

Sales Presentations – They Really Don’t Care Who You Are

Public Speaking – Leave Sloppy Language Behind

Public Speaking – Do Your Audience Members Tune Out Before You’ve Gotten Started?

Six Differences Between Customer-Focused Companies and Operations-Focused Companies

Turn Employee Customer Service Best Practice into Standard Practice

What Lane Are You In? Is It Customer Service?

Press Release: Cut your price? Not! Discover Top Strategies for Selling VALUE

Eye Contact – Fripp Virtual Training Video

Speech Structure – Fripp Virtual Training Video

In Public Speaking, Practice Does Not Make Perfect – Are You Reinforcing Bad Habits?

Sales Presentations – Your Audience, They Really Don’t Care Who You Are

Three Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Audience

Impact Phrases – Are You Throwing Away Your Opportunities?

You Can Be a Customer Service Hero (Don’t Miss the Opportunity!)

Customer Service from the C-Suite to the Mail Room

Customer Service Goal: We Don’t Want You to Come Back

Powerfully Persuasive Presentations

It Is Not Only What You Say, It Is How You Say It

How To Turn a Dull Subject into an Exciting Speech

The One Secret of Delivering a Great Speech

Tell Your Story from Another Point of View

The Do’s and Don’ts of Distinguishing Yourself in Sales

Focus on the Customer, Not the Money

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