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Turn Employee Customer Service Best Practice into Standard Practice

What Lane Are You In? Is It Customer Service?

Press Release: Cut your price? Not! Discover Top Strategies for Selling VALUE

Eye Contact – Fripp Virtual Training Video

Speech Structure – Fripp Virtual Training Video

In Public Speaking, Practice Does Not Make Perfect – Are You Reinforcing Bad Habits?

Sales Presentations – Your Audience, They Really Don’t Care Who You Are

Three Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Audience

Impact Phrases – Are You Throwing Away Your Opportunities?

You Can Be a Customer Service Hero (Don’t Miss the Opportunity!)

Customer Service from the C-Suite to the Mail Room

Customer Service Goal: We Don’t Want You to Come Back

Powerfully Persuasive Presentations

It Is Not Only What You Say, It Is How You Say It

How To Turn a Dull Subject into an Exciting Speech

The One Secret of Delivering a Great Speech

Tell Your Story from Another Point of View

The Do’s and Don’ts of Distinguishing Yourself in Sales

Focus on the Customer, Not the Money

Customer Service Is More than Just Being Nice

Customer Service Is Simple, But It Is Not Always Easy

Customer Service Lesson: Helping vs. Selling

2013 ITA Achievement Award Laureate

Don’t Scream!

How to Follow Up with Potential Clients – Give Benefits to Earn Business

Have A Leg Up On Change

Do You Thank Your Prospects for Their Time? Are You Making This Mistake?

A Credibility-Building Tactic That Sales Teams Often Overlook in Their Sales Presentations

Want to Make an Impact With Your Speech? Customize

Connect to Your High Stakes Audience in 8 Minutes: Emotionally and Intellectually

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