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3 Speakers Roundtable members were named to the list of 10 must read books for the C-suite by OpportunitiesNB. Congratulations to Shep Hyken, Scott McKain and Mark Sanborn. Check out the full list here.

Posted on 11:48 am December 18, 2015 by Shep Hyken
Bestselling business author, customer service and business expert, Shep Hyken, will introduce you to extraordinary people who will make you more successful in your professional and personal life. Using his vast network of business experts and authors, Shep will ask the questions that give you insights from some of the smartest and most successful thinkers in business. Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken” airs on CBS Radio, Play.it, C-Suite Radio, iTunes, and more. You can listen and download here.
Posted on 12:27 pm March 12, 2015 by Shep Hyken
Shep Hyken, National Speakers Association 2014-2015 President

Shep Hyken, National Speakers Association 2014-2015 President

Speakers Roundtable member, Shep Hyken recently became the 2014-2015 President of the National Speakers Association. Founded in 1973, the National Speakers Association provides its thousands of members the most comprehensive resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity, and value of professional speakers and the speaking profession. Congratulations Shep!

As leaders in the speaking profession, a number of other SR members have had the honor of serving as NSA President, including: Don Hutson, Ty Boyd, Nido R. Qubein, Patricia Fripp, Jim Tunney, Jim Cathcart, and Naomi Rhode.

Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon chaired the one of the most innovative and successful NSA Conventions ever!

SR’s own Dan Thurman chaired NSA’s 2014 Annual Convention in San Diego, California. Congratulations to Dan for one of the most successful and innovative NSA conventions ever!

One spectacular highlight of the 2014 Convention happened when SR’s Mike Rayburn took the stage… to perform side-by-side with a hologram of himself! It is now rumored that the NSA now plans to double his annual dues!

Posted on 8:30 am July 31, 2014 by Patricia Fripp
Jim Tunney

Dr. Jim Tunney, Recipient of the 2014 National Speakers Association’s Nido Qubein Philanthropist of The Year Award.

Speakers Roundtable member, Jim Tunney was recently honored with the 2014 National Speakers Association’s Nido Qubein Philanthropist of The Year Award, honoring individuals who make a significant contribution in our world by being examples of philanthropy and stewardship.

This is actually the second time Jim has received the Philanthropist of The Year Award! He was first named Philanthropist of The Year in 2007, and is the only individual to be recognized twice since the award was established.

Jim’s philanthropic endeavors include a youth foundation which supports community programs and resources that work with youth to develop leadership, work skills, wellness, and self-esteem.

Jim isn’t the only Speakers Roundtable member known for his commitment to service. The award is in fact named for fellow SR member, Nido Qubein and past recipients include SR members, Peter Legge, Charles E. “Tremendous” Jones, Naomi Rhode (who received the award in tandem with her husband, Jim Rhode), and Mark Sanborn. Speakers Roundtable members make a difference in the world and demonstrate the power of giving for the sake of giving.

Posted on 10:06 am July 29, 2014 by Patricia Fripp
Don Hutson

Don Hutson, Recipient of the National Speakers Association’s 2014 Master of Influence Award.

Don Hutson recently became the National Speakers Association’s 2014 “Master of Influence” when he received NSA’s prestigious, Master of Influence Award, recognizing Don’s positive global impact through his speaking. This distinction is only granted to speakers who have significantly influenced generations of speakers and whose exceptional careers have brought honor and recognition to the speaking profession.

Speakers Roundtable members are industry leaders.

Other Speakers Roundtable members who have been recognized with this award include, Nido R. Qubein, and Ty Boyd.

Congratulations Don!

Posted on 10:05 am July 29, 2014 by Patricia Fripp
Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp

Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp Announces Fripp Virtual Training

Executive Speech Coach and Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp has just launched Fripp Virtual Training, delivering high-caliber, content-rich, interactive instruction in preparing and presenting powerful, persuasive presentations.

Fripp VT gives individuals and teams access to one of the most in-demand executive speech coaches and sales presentation experts 24/7. Fripp VT is immediately engaging and makes the learning process fun.

If you are a novice presenter or a seasoned professional, you will find the content both practical and relevant. Fripp VT is ideal for ambitious professionals, executives, sales teams, and professional speakers. The training stands alone or can be used to support a coaching and training package.

Fripp VTSign up for a complimentary three-day trial and discover how Fripp Virtual Training can transform you and your team. Improve the quality of your training and lower your investment. Fripp VT delivers comprehensive presentation and sales presentations skills training with built in accountability. http://frippvt.com

Posted on 3:28 pm March 11, 2014 by Patricia Fripp

18th Annual Best & Worst List Features World & Business Leaders, Pop Icon, Chef, Pope & Politicians 

While it may be easier to earn space in the spotlight if you are a chart-topping musician, a politician or a business executive, effective communication skills are essential in order to motivate action, drive change and influence the status quo. Decker Communications Inc., the leading business communications training and consulting firm, announced today the 18th annual Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2013.

Some surprises this year. And once again communications made a dramatic difference, for good or ill, in the careers of many business people, politicians and celebrities.
For example:

  • Mandela and Malala tie for #1 Best
  • Obama is on the list, but which one
  • Do you know Astro Teller? You’ll want to after hearing him speak
  • From the Pope to Dr. Brene Brown on the Best
  • From James Clapper the head scratcher to Rob Ford on the Worst

Hope you enjoy our Top Ten list. Forbes Magazine did – nice review here.

Read the full list here.

Posted on 12:29 pm December 17, 2013 by

Shep Hyken named #1 Most Social Customer Service Pro on Twitter in the Huffington Post by Vala Afshar, CMO and Chief Customer Officer, Enterasys Networks.

“I have compiled a list of the top 100 customer service and experience management professionals who exemplify excellence in customer service. They regularly contribute valuable content on Twitter. These service champions create and curate original content that speaks to customer experience management, customer support delivery, customer relationship management (CRM), service performance management, social customer care, and community management. These top 100 professionals include multiple best-selling authors, industry analysts, customer support management, service-oriented company executives, community managers, keynote speakers, bloggers, customer experience architects, media personalities, and consultants. The common thread that binds these service advocates is the unwavering commitment to improve customer experience, and their consistent level of contributions on Twitter. I emphasize active engagement on social networks as an important criterion for making this list and I believe these customer service champions deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their work.”


Posted on 12:03 pm October 14, 2013 by Shep Hyken

Kelly Decker, President, Decker Communications

CBS Moneywatch identified five key mistakes people make in job interviews.

“‘Nobody walks into a job interview with the intention of being lazy, standoffish, or unlikeable,’ says Kelly Decker, president of consulting firm Decker Communications. But even a stellar resume can leave you looking lackluster. ‘When it comes to getting the job it’s less about how accomplished you actually are — and more about how you are perceived.'”

The five key mistakes? Click here to find out.

Visit Decker Communications to learn more.

Posted on 11:19 am September 23, 2013 by

Don Hutson IMGHere’s what a magazine publisher recently said about author, consultant, and speaker Don Hutson:

“We were so proud to feature Don Hutson on our cover. He is brilliant and we look forward to hearing more from him. Time for you to look at his work!” –Customer Engagement Magazine

Hutson’s article ‘Sales Strategies For A Tough Economy’ was featured in the August edition of the Customer Engagement Magazine.

Follow Hutson on Twitter, https://twitter.com/DonHutsonLive .

For more information on Don Hutson, visit his website http://www.donhutson.com/ .

Posted on 12:40 pm September 10, 2013 by Terri Murphy

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