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Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks
Business Growth & Internet Marketing Specialist

Topics: Social Networking/Media, Internet, Marketing/Merchandising, Business Growth, Branding, Sales


Business Growth and Internet Marketing Speaking Presentations with Impact, Interactivity and Idea-Oriented Action Steps to Increase Results!

Ford Can Help You and Your Audience to:

  • Dominate Your Market
  • Improve Performance and Results
  • Increase Sales and Profits
  • Ignite Creativity and Innovation
  • Attract Loyal and Repeat Customers
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Drive New Business in Local Markets
  • Expand Your Brand and Social Influence
  • Leverage Your Digital Footprint
  • Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full
  • Get Targeted Traffic to Your Websites
  • Get Business from Social Media Marketing
  • Gain the Competitive Edge
  • Discover New Ideas and Concepts


Ford’s Most Requested Keynote and Presentation Topics

Audiences love Ford’s interactive approach, fun style and action-oriented focus that allows participants to leave with ideas and action steps that they can implement to produce immediate results. Customized for general sessions, breakout sessions or full-day programs to match the theme and outcome of your event, Ford’s most requested topics include:

Business Growth Innovation

Helping You Grow Your Business and Make More Money!

Focus: Marketing, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Personal Accountability for Success

Getting more customers, increasing the average transaction, and encouraging repeat sales are the goals of every business. But with buyer behaviors changing, the way your prospects make decisions on who to do business with is changing too. Improve customer engagement, keep your sales pipeline full and shorten the sales cycles with fresh insights and action-steps that you can implement immediately.

Superpower Success!

How to Think, Act and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results!

Focus: Accountability, Performance, Productivity, Results

It’s no secret that everyone is tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Days quickly bleed into months, and months into years… and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. Discover how to unlock your hidden potential, enhance your critical thinking skills, and take advantage of the seven steps to superpower success.

Innovative Marketing Mastery

Improving Your Find-ability, Unique-ability and Profitability!

Focus: Innovation, Creativity, Marketing

With information overload, rapidly changing economic conditions and the changes in buyer behaviors, organizations benefit from innovative approaches to dominate their market. Use creative methods you to generate tons of new ideas, improve your sales and marketing efforts, and stand-out above the competition.

Social Influence

How to Connect, Engage and Influence to Increase Sales!

Focus: Building Trust and Credibility, Reputation Management, Social Media

Social media doesn’t have to take hours out of your day! Build brand awareness, connect with your customer base, uncover new opportunities, capture prospects, lead generation and increase sales by leveraging social media in less than an hour each week! You’ll walk away with simple strategies, tactics and resources to enhance customer engagement, uncover new opportunities , add more value and grow your business.


Explosive Insights into Generational Marketing and Trending Technologies

Focus: Marketing, Customer Diversity, Trends, Generational Influence

From millennials to baby boomers, each generational group has their own specific characteristics, behaviors, and buying patterns. Avoid the generational landmines that can destroy your business and arm yourself with successful tactics and strategies to engage the diverse demographics of today’s consumer.

Professional Speaker:

Ford specializes in helping businesses, both nationally and internationally, find, attract and keep their customers. He is widely recognized for his insights on business success, Internet marketing, customer engagement, lead generation, social influence, and helping people be accountable for their personal and professional results. His clients include startup ventures, entrepreneurs, corporations, associations, and convention groups interested in reducing risk, gaining a competitive edge, and increasing profits.

Superpower! How to Think, Act, and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results

240-page hardcover book by Ford Saeks

In today’s competitive, information-overloaded, and challenging economic conditions, there is no such thing as job security—only skills security. The more you learn, the more you can earn. Superpower! gives you the ultimate roadmap for how to think, act, and perform with less effort and better results.


Contact Information

Prime Concepts Group, Inc.
7570 W. 21st Street N., Suite 1038A
Wichita, KS 67205 USA
Toll-Free US & Canada: 1-800-946-7804
Telephone: 316-942-1111
Fax: 316-942-5313

Connect with Ford Saeks

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For more information about Ford Saeks please visit: www.ProfitRichResults.com or www.PrimeConcepts.com